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Rolex Day-Date II President

New York, Usa

Case material: Platinum; Charge: Automatic; Conditions: Never worn Presentation condition : With boxes and all papers; Place: Usa, New York Model: Day Date II / President II Price on request Gmtbroker Reference: 218206ibldrp super exclusive & extremely rare rolex day-date ii platinum edition 41mm ice blue w/ diamond roman numerals hands down one of the nicest rolex's out today! exotic - rare - and absolutely breathtaking! super exclusive date-date ii platinum from rolex. a powerful & striking watch - will definitely draw attention & makes for a great conversation piece. this watch features: as one of the latest designs in this legendary watchmaker's line, the rolex day date ii has a keen reputation to live up to. it does not fail to deliver. this stunning timepiece marries rolex precision and quality with an incredibly clean and classic appearance. the oyster perpetual day-date is the ultimate reference chosen by the world's elite. the very essence of luxury. no other watch is engineered quite like a rolex. the day-date ii enhances the legacy of the original day-date, which was the first watch to display the date, as well as the day in its entirety. now in a larger, more commanding 41 mm size, the day-date ii is a natural evolution of a classic. the day-date ii is presented here in platinum. from its birth, the day-date established itself immediately as the watch of influential people. the day-date ii, with its majestic 41mm case, enhances the legacy of the original day-date: it stands out and makes a statement. only available in platinum or 18 kt gold, it is the watch f

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