Gmtbroker swiss made Swiss Made is owned by the company CO DRBM LTD which has the management of the Financial structure of E.commerce and Customer Assistance.

Terms of Use

1 Purpose: GMTBROKER.COM is a service offered on a Worldwide level with a platform for the sale and search of wrist watches, pocket watches and accessories for watches. The website is translated into the main international languages. .

2 Description of services: GMTBROKER GMTBROKER advertises its own watches of which it certifies the status, description and characteristics indicating most of the time the open price, in some cases the adverts will be indicated with a reserved price.

2.1 Prices: they are displayed within the advertisements they can change even suddenly with respect to market trends.

2.2 Withdrawal right for Independents: the buyer has a right of withdrawal of 14 days from the date of purchase, the watch must be returned under the same conditions of purchase, if it shows changes, signs or malfunctions due to falls or incorrect management of the watch, the company Gmtborker will quantify the damages which will be deducted from the purchase price.

2.3 Registration: Registration for the service is free and is allowed only to people who have unlimited legal capacity, minors without the express consent of one of their parents cannot register for the service. user, all these data will be stored securely and in compliance with current privacy regulations. The data provided by the user who deactivates or cancels his Account will be kept by GMTBROKER.COM for up to 12 months following the cancellation of the service.

2.4 Expiration of advertising packages: All the advertisements of Business and Independent customers will have a natural expiry date according to the visibility period chosen, possible extension of one or more advertisements is faculty of the advertiser, the website GMTBROKER will not automatically extend any advertisement.

3 Use: The user must follow the rules of the GMTBROKER.COM website and for no reason shall he/she carry out illicit activities or activities aiming to interrupt even temporarily the service provided..

4 Limitation of Service: GMTBROKER.COM can never be made responsible and no compensation can be requested for interruption of the service offered, in particular if the interruption depends on causes of force majeure in particular: (cyber attack by pirates information, interruption of connectivity supply by the partner company, interruption of electricity, cataclysm innodation earthquake). As these activities spread, it will be's concern to bring back all the services offered online as soon as possible.

5 User identity: GMTBROKER GmtBroker cannot have knowledge of the true identity of the website users, but can offer support for any controversy or give information to competent authorities regarding stored data, such as registration IP, connection IP, and any other information given by users upon registration. .

6 Private individual advertiser identity: Before making one or more objects visible by a private individual, GmtBroker will require certain information that certifies the veracity and lawful possession of the object offered for sale.The private advertiser must provide ample guarantees and collaboration so that his personal identity can be demonstrated. and traceability on the real ownership of the proposed object, if the information requested is not exhaustive GmtBroker reserves the right not to make the advertisement visible and remove it from its site.

7 Intellectual property: The trademarks (including the domain, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and texts contained are the intellectual property of GmtBroker and its partners and cannot be reproduced, used or represented without 'explicit authorization from GmetBroker or its partners; offenders will be prosecuted in court.

8 Jurisdiction : this agreement is signed by the parties, both aware of the obligations assumed, by accepting all the articles that make up this agreement with a check via the web or signature, you are obliged to respect it. Any dispute that may arise in relation to this agreement and the rules of the general conditions that is in any case connected to them, will be devolved exclusively in the first instance to a Mediator identified in the figure of a tax lawyer expert in Company law and by court to the Court of Lugano (CH) which will be the only one to act against any petitions presented by the parties.

9 Modifications to the present contract: Modification of GMT Broker or the conditions of use GmtBroker reserves the right to modify these Contractual Conditions and its guidelines at any time. The Member or the advertiser will be informed of such changes via email and with a specific post published on the site as soon as the changes are released and published on the GmtBroker site. The same will come into force within one month after publication on the site.