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Rolex Milguass 116400wo 94077
Rolex Milguass

Case material: Steel; Charge: Automatic; Conditions: New Presentation condition : With boxes and all papers; Model: Milgauss Price on request Gmtbroker Reference: 116400wo the rolex milgauss evolved from the original reference 6541 to the reference 1019 and now, decades later, the new reference 116400. what all the milgauss watches have in common, as their french name milgauss tells, is high resistance to magnetic fields (with magnetic flux density up to 1,000 gauss). this makes the milgauss perfect for anyone who works near strong magnetic fields, such as some scientists, engineers or doctors. an obsession with perfection with its clean lines and orange seconds hand, shaped like a lightning bolt, the milgauss is recognizable at a glance. the stainless steel case is 40mm in diameter with the sapphire crystal and with text on the caseback. rolex accomplishes the anti-magnetic properties of this watch by making use of the "faraday cage" construction, in which a soft iron inner case completely surrounds the movement, shielding it from any magnetic field. the case also features a smooth bezel and polished center links on the oyster bracelet. the bracelet also features the ingenious new easylink extension system, permitting an instantaneous small adjustment to the bracelet circumference - most useful when a temperature change causes the wearer's wrist to expand. case is water resistant to 100 meters. the movement is the automatic winding rolex caliber 3131 with the faraday cage construction and the brand new blue parachrom hairspring which is insensi

Object: Rolex Milguass