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Blancpain 5018-1230-64a  Fifty Fathoms X Fathoms 5565mm Mens 5018-1230-64a 256885
Blancpain 5018-1230-64a Fifty Fathoms X Fathoms 5565mm Mens

Case material: Titanium; Charge: Automatic; Conditions: New Presentation condition : With boxes and all papers; € 27951 Gmtbroker Reference: 5018-1230-64a Blancpain 5018-1230-64a Complete Details:   Brushed finished titanium case. Black dial. Bold green colored luminous painted hour markers in a combination of Arabic Numeral & dots. Polished steel sword shaped hands with green colored luminous fill.  Uni-directional turning dive bezel with green colored luminous markings covered with a highly scratch resistant Sapphire Crystal cap which protects it from scratches & nicks. Mechanical Depth Gauge: The X Fathoms features a metallic membrane that senses water pressure changes which then translates those changes into an accurate depth reading via a complex mechanism. The water makes contact with the membrane through a series of grille opening in the watch case. All depth related indications in orange & blue colored luminous paint. Depth indicator 0-15 meters is indicated on the dial perimeter by blue luminous filled arrow-head hand. This measurement is calibrated to an accuracy of up to 30cm. This reading is a more calibrated & accurate measurement than the 0-90m reading. Depth indicator from 0-90 meters at center of dial, indicated by orange luminous filled tipped hand.  5 minute retrograde decompression timer located between the 10 & 11 o'clock position on the dial, it is started by pressing the button on the case edge at the 10

Object: Blancpain 5018-1230-64a Fifty Fathoms X Fathoms 5565mm Mens