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Chse Hattan
133 Creek Road
SE8 3BU London

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Chse Hattan- Based in Greenwich, we use our extensive knowledge and experience to provide luxury products at exclusive prices. We focus on exquisite high-end products and offer bespoke services such as tailor made jewellery, repairs and servicing, product showcases and advice.
Our highest-grade Argyle diamonds, Clear diamonds, prestige watches, emerging art and selected jewellery ranges provide unique exclusivity for our clients, collectors and investors. The aim of the company is to be able to offer products that are entirely exclusive, hand made and prestigious with unrivalled customer service.
Established in 2012, but consisting of a team with years of industry and retail knowledge, we work alongside specialist consultants in each field. We have exclusive access to some of the most sought after diamonds available. Our knowledge and attention to detail for our diamonds, jewellery, emerging artwork, and collectable watches is second to none

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