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GmtBroker offers you advanced tools to present your luxury watches to the large international audience, a cutting-edge platform and the latest generation software are the ideal completion for your showcase on the web.

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Gmtbroker was founded at the end of the 90s in Switzerland by a team of enthusiasts and expert watchmakers who have collaborated with the best Swiss watch houses.

We turn to collectors and buyers who wish to have a prestigious, certified and guaranteed time mark, over the course of these decades we have undertaken relationships and collaborations in several countries that ensure the availability of exclusive brands and references. The watch market is represented by millions of enthusiasts, collectors and manufacturers who make the history of wristwatches. Our expertise and the services that we can offer are the best ally for those who from a passion has made it a business, our customers will feel protected pampered and encouraged, offering him a Platea of Brands and references that can represent excellent investments and exclusivity .. There are many houses and models that can also offer a good investment in the watch, we at Gmtbroker allow us to give you advice on what to buy a consultant can guide you for safe and revaluable investment over time, You can contact us and we would be happy to give you more support for your choice.


Protection of sellers and buyers, security and warranty

Payment by escrow service
Certificate of authenticity
The seller sends his watch to gmtbroker, our experts will verify the status and authenticity before sending it to the buyer, the seller will receive the payment before the item is shipped to the buyer
The buyer will send the payment only after our approval and verification of the condition of the watch, Gmtbroker will take care of the insured shipping
Insured shipping
Our quality & security team

Payment by escrow service

We want to protect the buyer and the seller as much as possible, only with our intermediation can we guarantee the correct flow of the service without nasty surprises, we check the condition of the object and, once authenticated, we proceed with the shipment after the payment has been made.